Why Outsource Your Database?

Free your engineers to work on their core jobs

The tending and maintenance of the Postgres database server is a niche technical specialty. A modern database has many moving parts that must be harmonized to provide reliable, professional service.

  • Continuous offsite backups ensure that your data is safe if disaster strikes, such as when someone actually deletes an important table.
  • 24 hour monitoring must be performed to catch any early signs of system instability before they become a major problem.
  • Security patches and system upgrades must be monitored and applied regularly.
  • Technical Support: If something does go wrong, it's nice to have someone at your back.

Many engineers are capable of learning these skills, and some already have them, but is that really the best use of their limited time?

By aggregating the operational overhead generated by many customers' databases, Database Labs achieves economies of scale that allow us to provide you with a high quality database at a much lower total cost of ownership than most organizations can achieve on their own.

At the same time, you benefit from deeper specialist knowledge operating your database — Postgres is all we do. You and your colleagues can focus all of your time and energy on building a great app, rather than figuring out how to become database administrators. Our database is truly a service.

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Database Labs has taken the burden off of my developers and allowed them to enjoy the good parts of PostgreSQL again. Our conversion was the result of weeks of frustration, and our migration literally took under a day. I cannot recommend your service enough!

– Greg Ross-Munro, SourceToad
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