Postgres Made Easy

We're a team of programmers and system administrators working to make your database into a reliable, invisible piece of infrastructure.

Eric Bravick


Eric Bravick's LinkedIn profileebravick

Eric runs backend operations at Database Labs. He's been running managed services for over two decades as a founder, engineer, systems architect, CTO, and VP of Engineering. He's worked with Networked Knowledge Systems, PwC, Spring Semantics, CrowdFlower, and Hive Mind Internet Cooperative.

Paul Legato


Paul Legato's LinkedIn profilepaullegato

Paul runs web engineering and marketing at Database Labs. He's Clojure programmer by way of Ruby and Java. Paul has worked at Networked Knowledge Systems, PwC, Spring Semantics, and CrowdFlower.

Russ Ziskind

Director of Program Management

Russ Ziskind's LinkedIn profilerussziskind

Russ has managed several service organizations, including Professional Services, Support Services, and Software Services. He's worked at General Electic, Lockhead Martin, AccuCom, NetSetGo, Gemini Technical Services, and ZOS Communications.

Sam Howard

Lead Operations Engineer

Sam Howard's LinkedIn profilesamuel-howard

A technologist with over 20 years of experience spanning the computing spectrum, holding positions from Operations all the way to founder and CTO. Sam has had the privilege of working with brilliant people and in great environments such as NASA, Dell/Perot Systems, 2nd Century Communications, Intermedia Communications/WorldCom/MCI, IBM, Hive Mind Internet Cooperative, as well as his GMx Technologies family of companies.

Our Story

Database Labs was born in 2014, when founders Paul Legato and Eric Bravick began to build the database as a service platform they'd always wanted.

They'd found that everyone was spending entirely too much time wrangling databases rather than working on the core problems facing the company: restoring backups at 3 AM, spending days setting up automatic failover, applying urgent security patches. "There has to be a better way," they thought. Yet existing Postgres as a service solutions were insanely expensive or lacking critical features — or both.

Database Labs was born to make Postgres easy. You put in your card, select your database size, and a few minutes later you're ready to go: you get a professionally managed database that you can just use.

Our Goals

  • Ultimate Data Integrity — 99% data integrity is not good enough. Critical business data is flowing through this system. It must be safeguarded in every eventuality. Multiple layers of protection exist to meet this requirement, from mirrored RAID drives and battery backups to continuous offsite backups.
  • Frictionless User Experience — Everything should just work. Customers can provision a database in seconds from a simple webpage, or with a single API call.
  • Superior Customer Service — Treating customers right and making them happy with the service they receive is the ultimate purpose of the company, the goal around which all else revolves. Need help? Give us a call day or night.
  • Excellent Value — The service pays for itself in terms of time and frustration saved.

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