Google Cloud Postgres

September 19, 2016

Google Cloud

Google Cloud is now available as a Postgres deployment target at Database Labs!

Database Labs' rock-solid reliability, automatic backups, 24/7 support, metrics, and monitoring are now available in all Google Compute Engine regions.

We're happy to support Google Cloud (and pretty amazed with its general awesomeness!)

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Bangalore DigitalOcean Postgres Hosting

June 8, 2016

DigitalOcean's Bangalore datacenter is now supported by Database Labs! You can provision a production-ready Postgres database as a service in India in minutes.

You get all the usual Database Labs features, such as continuous backups, patches, the web management console, and 24/7 monitoring and support.

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Startup ideas are worthless. Execution is everything.

March 15, 2016

Every day, someone posts on /r/startups about how they have a really great whiz-bang secret idea that will revolutionize everything and make them billions of dollars. Now they "just" need some investors so they can hire contractors to develop it. But they can't say what the idea is, of course.

It's secret. Can't talk about it in public — someone might steal it. They have to get an NDA ready before even pitching potential investors. They have to get that contract dev team going ASAP before someone else thinks of it.

The reality: It's likely that 10 other teams are already working on that exact idea. if your idea is any good, 100 companies will clone it the minute you launch publicly anyway. And that's fine. Fortunately, ideas are worthless. Execution is everyting. Read More

FATAL: No pg_hba.conf entry for host errors

February 17, 2016

The dreaded "FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host" error is one of the most common and frustrating errors in all Postgresdom. The confusion stems from the fact that this is a poorly worded error message: in most cases, the problem is not the lack of an entry for a host in pg_hba.conf. The problem is that the client is attempting to connect in a way the server does not support.

All Database Labs Postgreses require SSL for all connections. SSL is not on by default in some Postgres client libraries. Usually, this error happens when a client is attempting to connect without SSL enabled. In this case, enabling SSL on the client and reconnecting solves the problem.

Read on for a full explanation of what's going on, and why Postgres generates this misleading error message.

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Should I use SQL or NoSQL?

February 5, 2016

Every application needs persistent storage — data that persists across program restarts. This includes usernames, passwords, account balances, and high scores. Deciding how to store your application's important data is one of first and most important architectural decisions to be made.

Most programmers use some kind of standalone database to provide persistent storage. Databases can be broadly classified as SQL or NoSQL, according to whether they use the SQL programming language and a schema. But which should you use? Let's take a look at the options, and unashamedly explore the benefits of SQL over NoSQL.

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